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5 working days per week

I believe that NGO, which always screaming about coroprate responsibility, screaming about ‘Best Practice’; should set its own example and adopt a 5 working days policy.

It’s ineffective to work on Saturday morning every two weeks. Not much can be done in the morning and the only achievement is to ruin a good weekend.

All you will lost by adopting a 5 working days policy is losting one day in 4 weeks. So what?

I know some may argue that it would cost 13 working days a year. Well, there are some other ways to compensate it. Usually, it’s 4 hours for a long weekend. So, if we separate it by 10 weekdays (2 weeks), then every day you only have to work 24 mins more and you can compensate the lost.

And I would rather work more 24 mins than working on Saturday morning.

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