Grannie Green Revivial

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ƱߦHUbުoiWCFNơAθֺAOS֯෽ݨD~AŤu{٥bsW[D(ultra-high bypass ratio)AHKHֿUƹFۦPOC

[D(bypass ratio) O~[DP[DŮyqȡC򥻤WA[D񪺤ȶVjAﭸȴNVjCثeA԰[DCAӤ@[D񤶥G|@ܤE@CҦpGi757ҨϥΪA[DO5.9G1FŤڢ380O8.7G1Fi777O9G1Fө餧PAi787hO11G1C

LAU@NơCGEMҴܴsyӡA{sͲ15G1W[DȪCAbW@KQ~NAoHwsyXoعʪAGEƦܬoX45G1CnjWҥͲqAonhQhGQ~C W[D񪺤An]ثe[DjohC


April 4, 2008 - Posted by | Boeing, Environment

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