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Chp 1, Conservancy Association founded – Forty years champion for the environment

Conservancy Association founded

The origin of the Conservancy Association can be traced to a meeting in October 1968 among a few expatriates who decided to form a group to protect the environment. Initially calling themselves “Bauhinia’s Circle”, they were formally registered as “The Conservancy Association” in 1969.

As recounted by John Pain, one of the founders who later became Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourist Association,

It will make you laugh when I tell you that the inaugural meeting was held at the “Virgin’s Retreat”, a.k.a. Helena May Institute on Garden Road. There were about four people. I have contacted two, namely Professor Brian Lofts of HKU (Endocrinology), a vice chancellor in his days, and Jeremy Brown of Jardine Matheson (became M.D. later). The third was the loveable “Agony Black”, a strong-willed Scottish lady who lived in China most of her life and came to H.K. from Peking. (Private correspondence, 25 January 2007)

The Association’s Chinese name was長春社 (meaning “Ever-Spring Society”), with a second name known as 香港保護自然景物協會 (or “Hong Kong Association for the Protection of the Natural Realm”). In the next few years the Association attracted a strong following, both individuals and corporations. According to a full-page advertisement on the South China Morning Post on 11 May 1972, the Conservancy Association’s Founding Firms (total 31). The following were named as individual Founding Members (total 111):

The Rt. Rev. J H G Baker

Miss Agnes Black

Mr Gus Borgeest (鮑健士先生,1961年麥西西獎得主)

Mr Jeremy Brown

Mr Frederick Brunn

Dr & Mrs J Carey-Hughes

Mrs Helen Chan

Mr Robert Chan Hon

Dr Samuel T H Chan

Mr Chan Shu Sun

Dr Chang Shu Ting (張樹庭教授)

Mr Chau Cham Son (周湛燊先生)

Mr & Mrs J A Cheetham

Mr T C Cheng

Miss Chow Pak Ham

Mr N Croucher (求槎先生)

Mr & Mrs P A Daley

Mr & Mrs H A Dangler

Dr & Mrs G C Dansey-Browning (香港眼科學會創會會長)

Mrs J S Davidson

Dr L K Ding (陳立僑醫生)

Mr Perry Z Draganich

Dr A R B Etherton (艾實敦博士)

Mrs Kenneth Fung

Prof W G Gregory

Mr G K Harman

Mr C J Hoddiaott

Mr John A Holt

Dr Hu Shiu Ying (胡秀英教授)

Dr Denny M H Huang (黃夢花醫生,前市政局議員)

Mr R S Huthart

Mr Hugh Gibb

Mr & Mrs D A Gilkes

Mr H Kadoorie (賀理士・嘉道理爵士)

Mr Ralph Karr

Miss Elma Kelly

Mr Lamson Kwok (郭琳珊先生)

Mr Lam Chik Ho (林植豪先生)

Mr & Mrs Lee Kam Woon (利錦桓伉儷)

Mr & Mrs Q W Lee (利國偉伉儷)

Dr Richard C Lee (利銘澤醫生)

Mr & Mrs Lee San Wai

Miss Martha Lesser

Mr & Mrs Li Fook Hing (李福慶伉儷)

Dr D Y Lin

Mr K S Lo (羅桂祥先生)

Mr & Mrs Robert K L Lo

Prof Brian Lofts (洛夫茨教授)

Mr H P Lok

Mr & Mrs John L Marden (約翰馬登伉儷,會德豐前主席)

Dr Y P Mei

Mr & Mrs MacCrimmon

Mr Ng Chun Man

Mr Ngan Shing Kwan (顏成坤先生,中華巴士公司)

Mr & Mrs D C P Nixon

Mr John H Pain

Mr & Mrs K C Pang

Mr & Mrs Jon Prescott

Mr Robert N Rayne (羅拔・雷恩)

Mr & Mrs O’Donnell Redfern

Sir Lindsay & Lady Ride (賴廉士爵士伉儷)

Dr & Mrs David G Robertson

Mr & Mrs W G Robertson

Dr K E Robinson

Mr R D Rodgers

Dr & Mrs A T Roy (芮陶菴博士伉儷)

Miss Mary E Runyan (任一德博士)

The Hon G M B Salmon (前立法局議員沙魯民)

Dr Shen Philip (沈宣仁博士)

Mr Shum Sui Sang

Miss Shum Suk Kuen

Mr Shum Yau Sang

Mr & Mrs Richard Siegert

Mr J C B Slack

Mr Szeto Wai (司徒惠先生,前行政立法兩局議員)

Mr & Mrs M C R Talamo (1968-69年香港工程師學會會長)

Mr C L Tam

Mr Tang Pak Lai

Prof & Mrs L B Thrower (杜華教授伉儷)

Dr & Mrs L B Trott

Mrs Tonia Walls

Mr D D Waters

Mr Alan Waudby

The Hon Wilfred S B Wong (前立法局議員黃宣平)

Mr & Mrs J M Weedon (韋頓伉儷,香港總商會)

Mr Yau Hon Ti

Dr Yung Chi Tung (容啟東博士)

The first “Life Members” of the Association included (15 names):

Miss Sharon Au

Mr Joseph S Brooker

Mr Roger A Ellis

Mr Simon Ellis (艾禮思先生)

Mrs Pauline Gordon

Miss Joanne M L Leung

Fr Harold Naylor (魏志立神父)

Fr John Russell S J (劉勝義神父)

Mr Ronald W Smith

Mrs Susan Mary Smith

Mr Peter Stafford

Mr M J E Thornhill

Dr B S Vaughan (香港脊醫學會創會會長)

Mrs Mary Visick (前香港大學何東宿舍舍監)

Mrs Patricia Williams

From the beginning CA has taken on a dual role as both critic and partner of the government. Starting with pollution caused by the tanneries at Sheung Shui, CA acted as a vocal environmental watchdog putting pressure on the government. Its role as a pressure group was so prominent that later in 1979 it was revealed to be under the watch of a secret government body known as the Special Committee on Pressure Groups. At the same time, CA cooperated closely with the government in environmental education both in schools and for the general public. This dual role has been reinforced throughout CA’s 40 years of history.


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