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Chp 6, Walkathon – Forty years champion for the environment


CA was a group of volunteers with a lot of enthusiasm but no resources. Soon an anonymous donor provided a grant to enable CA to rent a small office and reach out to the community. As CA’s activities grew, so did the need for funding, thus giving rise to the first “Environment Expedition” on 3 March 1974.

Using the Community Chest’s “Walk for a Million” concept, CA members and supporters raised a total of $36,000 by asking their friends to sponsor their walk through a rural trail in Tai Po. The Expedition, also known as “Walkathon” or “Walk for the Environment”, became almost an annual event.

Besides fund-raising, the Walkathon was also environmental education in action. The routes varied from rural areas like Tai Po, to country parks like Tai Tam and Tai Lam, the wetland in Deep Bay and Tsim Bei Tsui, and urban fringe such as Lyemun and Mount Parker. Through the Walkathons, participants were encouraged to appreciate nature, learn about landscape and ecology, as well as study urban and new town development.


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