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Chp 7, Sheung Shui Tanneries – Forty years champion for the environment

Sheung Shui Tanneries

In 1970 CA started a campaign against pollution in River Sutlej (Shek Sheung River) and River Indus (Ng Tung River) caused by illegal tanneries discharging dirty effluents. The exposure of the highly polluted stream created much interest among the public and was the first major impact by the Association. CA made enough noise to persuade the government to serve notice to all tanneries to close down by December 1971, and to move their operations to a controlled offensive-trade area to be built in Kwai Chung.

However, both the tanneries and the government procrastinated and the rivers had to suffer a few more years of pollution. By December 1971, nothing happened and the tanneries won six more months of reprieve. An agreement was reached for all the tanneries to be removed by 31 July 1976, with the government promising to provide the offensive trade area ready by 1973.

However, by 1973, the tanneries extended to other clean areas. The Tai Po District Office prohibited their operation until they cleaned up, but on protests from tanneries workers, government regrettably backed down. The situation did not improve in 1976 and government finally stood firm and cracked down on the polluters. By the deadline of 31 July 1976, the polluting tanneries were gradually cleared.


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