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Chp 14, Environment Festival – Forty years champion for the environment

Environment Festival

In 1976 YEAG and SCCLB organized the Joint School Environment Festival, the first major public campaign on environmental education. A total of 21 schools took part, coordinated by an organizing committee headed by Simon Siu of Wah Yan College Kowloon. The Festival featured a wide range of activities such as photo competition, youth environment forum, forestry work camp, concert, essay and poster competition, and television programme and film shows. The highlight of the Festival was a two-week exhibition in August and September, first in Wah Yan College Kowloon and then St Mary’s Canossian College. The exhibition displayed works from secondary students on nine themes ranging from pollution, land use, transport to energy. A few of the exhibits were selected and sent by the Education Department to England for display, including works by St Mary’s Canossian College (stream pollution), Wa Ying College (oil spill), and St Bonaventure College (water treatment).

Encouraged by the success of the Joint School Environment Festival, CA decided to expand it into the Hong Kong Environment Festival in 1978 to mark the Association’s 10th Anniversary. While retaining many elements of the last festival, such as seminars and photo competition, an ambitious “anti-waste campaign” was launched including an “Anti-Waste Day” rally on 10 September in Morse Park, the promulgation of an “Anti-Waste Code”, and the creation of an anti-mascot known as “Luxurian bug” (奢侈怪), and four study projects on natural resources, energy waste, solid waste and mass consumption. The exhibition on 16-17 September was held in the Ocean Terminal with participation expanded from the YEAG and SCCLB network to social and commercial organizations (e.g. Hong Kong Council for Social Services, China Light & Power and Hong Kong Electric) as well as professional bodies (e.g. Hong Kong Institute of Architects). The Festival’s final event was a Concluding Seminar on 24 September at which CA took a strong stand advocating the establishment of an Environment Department as well as a unit within government to deal with energy policy.

The HKEF was a big event, but perhaps bigger than what a voluntary body could undertake. Most of the activities were conducted by the same energetic youth of YEAG, but campaign fatigue showed when the Concluding Seminar saw a mere attendance of 20 people, an anti-climax to what was otherwise a successful public campaign.

In 1988, a second Environment Festival was held to celebrate CA’s 20th Anniversary. Much more restrained in scale, the Festival programme kicked off on World Environment Day on 5 June and included an environmental pollution survey in cooperation with Caritas, environmental education booklets, school competition, and a “prudent plastic bag campaign”. The second Environment Festival proved to be the last for CA, with the government-run Environment Campaign Committee soon taking up most of the big public education campaigns.

The Anti-Waste Code – Hong Kong Environment Festival 1978

Ÿ  Do not throw away reusable plastic bags, glass containers, tin cans, paper and envelops.

Ÿ  Do not buy goods packaged excessively.

Ÿ  Do not consume canned drinks.

Ÿ  Do not use unnecessary paper cups, paper plates, and paper towels.

Ÿ  Do not use excessive electricity, especially lighting; keep the amount of heating/cooling in your home or office to a minimum.

Ÿ  Do not drive unless absolutely necessary; always use public transport.

Ÿ  Do not buy high-energy-consuming cans.

Ÿ  Do not waste precious water.


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