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Chp 33, Sustainable fisheries – Forty years champion for the environment

Sustainable fisheries

The pristine waters of Kat O (Crooked Island, 吉澳) and Double Haven (印洲堂) in the northern shores of Hong Kong is one of the most scenic in the territory. It was also the site of a government plan for ocean fish farms in 1988.

The proposal drew strong opposition from CA. In September 1988, CA issued a paper opposing the proposal, which CA considered unsustainable. Concern was raised over pollution from fish feeds and the failure of Tolo Harbour. The government was urged not to extend fish farms into the areas and to study and introduce sustainable and non-polluting fish farms.

CA’s position drew a sharp response and heavy criticism from a coalition of 1,800 fish farmers from 28 districts, who issued a joint statement on 13 September lambasting CA and rejecting the claim that fish farms caused pollution, attributing the latter instead to industrial effluents.

In response, CA issued another statement stating that it supported Hong Kong fisheries but emphasized the need for sustainable practices and protection of the waters of North East New Territories from pollution. While not opposed to fish farms per se, CA stood by its position that fisheries should be regulated and pollution controlled, and that the Double Haven area should be conserved instead of used for fish farms.

The fish farm idea was eventually abandoned. The picturesque Double Haven area is now a much-loved tourist haven.

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