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Chp 42, Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines – Forty years champion for the environment

Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines

With the growing importance of environmental planning, Chapter 9 of the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines on the environment was revised in 1990. In June 1990 CA issued a statement commenting on the revised Guidelines. CA considered that the guidelines lacked direction and displayed a negative attitude of taking pollution as inevitable. The biggest gap missing was the lack of energy conservation in land use, transport or building design.

The guidelines were also criticized for failing to consider solid waste treatment such as making provisions in new developments for waste management facilities. Lack of public participation was another omission; although Environmental Impact Assessment reports were asked for in certain cases, there was no requirement to make them accessible to the public. CA also called for higher levels of compliance on pollution standards.

The limited application also came under fire, as the Guidelines were to apply to urban areas only, not rural areas. But above all, the Guidelines were toothless; they lacked statutory authority. CA’s view was that they should have the status equivalent to that of a Technical Memorandum under the Town Planning Ordinance.

Since then many improvements have been made to the HKPSG, including the chapter on environment.

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