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Chp 47, High Street Mental Hospital – Forty years champion for the environment

High Street Mental Hospital

The Old Mental Hospital at High Street was built in 1892, originally as the dormitory of European nursing staff. It was converted into a hospital for mental patients in 1937 but disused in 1961 after the Psychiatric Hospital was moved to Castle Peak. Without maintenance, it became derelict and acquired notoriety as a “haunted house”

In December 1993, CA submitted an objection to the Town Planning Board on the Draft Sai Ying Pun & Sheung Wan Outline Zoning Plan, which sought to rezone the Old Mental Hospital from Government, Institution and Community (GIC) to Residential Group B. CA called for conservation of the block, which was accorded Grade I status by the Antiquities Advisory Board. Besides the building’s historic and architectural value, CA was also concerned wit the traffic and visual impacts of the new residential development.

The Town Planning Board gave preliminary consideration to the objection on 25 March 1994 and agreed with CA to revert the zoning it back to GIC. The building has since been redeveloped as a community centre with the main historical features preserved and additional space constructed to serve the Sai Ying Pun area.


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