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Chp 51, Dumping of used tyros and vehicle parts – Forty years champion for the environment

Dumping of used tyres and vehicle parts

Up to 400,000 used tyres are thrown away each year. Some ended in landfills but a large quantity were dumped in the New Territories or simply burnt, causing air pollution and bad smell. In a statement by Chung Shan Shan in March 1994, CA drew attention to the problem and called for a ban on open burning, lamenting the lack of used car collection centre and hence the government’s inability to treat waste tyres. The alternative of cutting tyres into small pieces and then dumping at landfills would be wasteful. Instead CA suggested that the used tyres be collected and then either incinerated to generate electricity, or broken up through secondary material recycling for other uses such as plastic furniture or construction.

The issue was later extended to that of dumping of used vehicle parts. In July 1994 CA wrote to the Secretary for Planning and Lands Mr Tony Eason suggesting that a deposit system be imposed to register vehicles before they were dismantled and disposed, i.e. a levy for disposal which would be refunded after actual disposal, to be built into the vehicle registration tax. The Planning Environment and Lands Branch replied a month later rejecting the deposit system as impractical and pledging that government would continue to use planning control to regulate the problem.

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