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Chp 83, Ng Tung River Training – Forty years champion for the environment

Ng Tung River Training

For the purpose of drainage and flood control, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) undertakes “river training” works in rivers and streams in the New Territories.

In 1998, CA objected to the rehabilitation works of River Indus (Ng Tung River) at Kwan Tei – a river long known to the Association – which was part of the Phase 1A of the Rural Drainage Rehabilitation Scheme (North East New Territories). CA’s objection was against the tree felling of an existing woodland along the river, affecting the habitat of protected species of bats.

CA conducted its own daytime survey of bats nearby the affected woodland and submitted the result in an objection letter to DSD on 20 August 1998. CA’s effort paid off when it was informed by the DSD in a letter dated 1 September 1998 that “after thorough study”, Mouchel Asia Ltd, the project consultant, found it “feasible to provide further protection to the existing woodland by revising the alignment of the proposed temporary fence so as to exclude” part of the land originally earmarked.

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