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Hong Kong has just unveiled its Bruce Lee Statue

Be frank, I’m not a Bruce Lee’s fans but I respect the greatest Kung Fu Master in last century. As a Hongkongers, I always feel ashame that we even don’t have a Bruce Lee Museum to remember him.

Today, we finally have a Statue for him. Thanks for the Bruce Lee Club. And I hope the Hong Kong Government would do something ASAP. For photos of the statue, please visit:

Bruce Lee on Flickr


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And now, we’ve Canto Pop MV sold in ITMS


I wait and wait, and I finally find out that ITMS (Australia) put Leo Ku’s Ai Yu Cheng (古巨基的《愛與誠》) and Miriam Yeung’s Xiao Cheng Da Shi (楊千嬅的《小城大事》) music videos have just been put on stock.

Breakthrough! Thanks for Gold Label and Apple!

We can expect that in the near future, there will have more and more Canto Pop music video. And that’s great! Is it the first 2 chinese MVs in ITMS? I don’t know. If you know, please tell me. Thank you.


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Link me

Boys and girls,

Now, I’ve made my blog button. If you like to link this blog, please copy and paste the following:


Another point to made is that I’ve changed the description of this blog above. Reason? First, my untapped goldcow was murdered since Opera made its decision to deliver its browser free of charge a few months ago. Second, I think the new slogan is more suitable to describe the character of this blog, if we have one.

At first, I wrote “The sky is my blanket, the earth is my bed. Grannie love to bite apples, and cut off the bullshit.” But is the current one better?

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Coal Mines Deadlock


 「開了多年煤礦的高某表示,連林業局、地震局、氣象局、計生委等部門的人也往礦上跑,「我們渾身的口袋?都插滿了手。」 高某認為,名目繁多的許可證很大程度上增加了官員的腐敗機會,卻對安全生產管理起的作用不大。











婆仔短評: 發展再生能源在中國別具意義,除了有助防止全球暖化(雖然這在科學上仍有爭議,但我們已不能坐著等了)、減少國際政治紛爭、改善空氣質素,也是對各式各樣的礦難的釜底抽薪之法,無論是風力發電、太陽能,還是沼氣廁所,都是好方法。


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我試過用中文找姓「 劉」,找到劉德華;找姓「陳」,找到陳苑琪(有國粵語版《是但》);輸入「張」,有「張宇」等。


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