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The passing of John H. Pain, OBE

Former Executive Director of Hong Kong Tourist Association, Co-Founder of the Conservancy Association, John Hugh Pain, OBE (1930 – 2018), was buried in Salisbury yesterday. The passing of Mr. Pain marks the closing chapter of a generation of expatriate modernizer in Hong Kong. (Mr Pain passed away in Chelsea London on 27 May 2018.)


After serving the military during WWII, Mr Pain came to Hong Kong to explore his career. He gradually build up his career for his works in Hong Kong Tourist Association. During his time as the leading figure of Hong Kong tourism, he introduced the International Dragon Boats Festival and Lunar New Year Fireworks show. Both of them became a regular event in Hong Kong every year.


In 1968, he co-founded the Conservancy Association, the first green group in the territory, with his rambling friends, namely Prof Brian Lofts, Jeremy Brown and Agnes Black. They invited Robert N. Rayne, Prof Hu Shiu-ying, Michael A. Webster, Father Naylor……to co-found the green group.


His life is a typical example as an English gentleman who has served the military and then contributed to the modernization to this city in the East. With the fading of their generation, the chapter of expatriate modernizer is closed.

前香港旅遊協會總幹事、環保組織長春社創辦人之一的約翰。潘恩(John H. Pain)先生,已於昨日在英格蘭入土為安。潘恩的辭世宣示了外藉現代化推手一代的結束。(潘恩在2018年5月27日,於倫敦與世長辭,享年88歲。)




於1968至1969年間,有鑑於環境污染問題日益嚴重,他與幾位熱愛行山的友人,組成洋紫荊小組,探討改善環境的方法,亦即香港首個環保組織 — 長春社的前身。他與前崇基書院院長羅拔。雷恩先生、中文大學生物學胡樹英教授、香港大學內分袐學及兩棲動物專家Brian Lofts教授、香港華仁書院魏志立神父,以及Agnes Black和Michael A. Webers等十人,及後成立了長春社,為香港環保運動走出了第一步。





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Before 1955

Captain in the Royal Engineers


He went to Hong Kong as ADC to the Commander in Chief, Lieutenant General Sir George Stratton


Join Jardine Mathieson


Join Hong Kong Tourist Association


Co-founded Conservancy Association


Retired from Hong Kong Tourist Association


Return to England

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